The CWE-Midtown Sustainable Development Form-Based Code is a revision of the zoning code in the area bounded by:  Lindell, Forest Park Avenue, Vandeventer and Kingshighway.  The purpose of the code is to ensure that the residential character of Laclede and West Pine are maintained and strengthened between Sarah and Taylor.  The other goal is to enhance the urban character of the arterial streets as well as Euclid and Sarah.  Form-based codes are popular because they include design standards as well as basic zoning rules to ensure buildings contribute to the visual appeal of the community.

A fifteen member stakeholder committee has been meeting for three years to move this process forward.  The stakeholder committee was convened including residents within the code area, institutions. real estate developers, investment property owners, Park Central Development and Aldermen Lyda Krewson, Terry Kennedy and Joe Roddy.

The stakeholders committee members are: Anthony Kirk, Barbara Enneking, Dennis Lower, Brian Phillips, Bruce Mills, Con Christenson, Daniel Hellmuth, Ellen Livingston, Gurpreet Padda, Harold Karabell, Jim Dwyer, John Mcelwain, Peter Pierotti, Peter Rothschild, Ralph Wafer, Teri Pesapane, Todd Britt and Virvus Jones.

Additionally, Park Central Development held  numerous public meetings to ensure greater community input.  The new code is triggered when a new building is constructed.  Buildings built before the new code is in place will continue to function under the existing zoning code.  It is anticipated that the new code will be presented to the Board of Aldermen this fall. To view the entire Sustainable Development Form Based Code, click on the links below.